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• 11/15/2018

Welp I'm new here

I'm kinda shy around new people but, I love meeting them!

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• 4/11/2018

character name?

In one of the recent episodes it shows this new girl villain and does anybody know what her name is? She looks super freaky it's pretty cool tbh
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• 3/4/2018

Flugs past (observation)

Ok, so in the old “Lost cases of Boxmore” BH shows a picture of Tontomans bachilerato and I can‘t help but think that the guy with the trashcan on his head remind me of Flug. And in the recent „Lost cases of Elmore“ episode we got a certificate of a graduating the „University of Evil“ with BHS symbol on it...directed to Flugs Office.

Which makes me think: Maybe Bh offered him the Job, after Flug graduated? I would even go a step further and say that Flugs pride in his intellect came from beeing accepted into The only question is...where did the Plane crashed into the manor then? (Somehow I have the feeling it crashed because Flug transported snakes in it..that would explain the random tidbit from the Elmore episode)
This is just an idea and I would love to hear what the community thinks!

EDIT: Further into the „Elmore“ episode we got another picture of the bachillerato. Flug said the following „Yes Nicole I remember her! She got to the bachillerato early. I wonder what happened to her?“ (I am exchanging the pic earlier with the new one since, I can only put one picture at a time in a post) of this doesn‘t heavily support my theory, what does?

Screenshots used from: „The lost cases of Boxmore“ 6:05
„The lost cases of Elmore“ 1:59, 5:10
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• 12/25/2017


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