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"Bigger, Badder"[3] is the third episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the third episode overall.

It follows Black Hat advertising a shrink ray.


Black Hat greets the viewers, asking them if they have any unwanted heroes. He then presents his solution: a size altering ray gun. Dr. Flug explains how it works. He proceeds to use it on 5.0.5., who successfully shrinks. Dr. Flug asks if he likes it, to which he angrily answers yes, accidentally using the ray gun to grow 5.0.5. to a gigantic size. The bear then literally breaks out of the manor and causes chaos outside. Black Hat makes the best of the situation by attempting to advertise 5.0.5. as a weapon of destruction.



Cultural references

  • The size altering ray gun bears a resemblance to the portal gun from Rick and Morty, bearing the same two colors in its glass tube.
  • When 5.0.5. grows to a giant size, he is presented in a way similar to Godzilla.



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