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"Black Hat Challenge I"[2] is the sixth episode of Phase Two of Villainous, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.

It follows Dr. Flug attempting to capture a witch.


Using a Jigsaw-esque Hatbot-ler ventriloquist dummy, Black Hat introduces the viewers to the first challenge, where "an unfortunate and pathetic entity" must travel out into the woods at night and capture the witch that lurks there. Dr. Flug asks Black Hat who is the one that has to do the challenge, unaware that he is the one that has to do it.

The scene then shifts to a forest, from the POV of a camera. Flug states that the challenge is ridiculous and he is skeptic about the idea of a witch in the forest, only to hear noises shortly after. After hearing noises, Flug panics, but quickly dismisses it as an animal, after which he proceeds into the forest. After hearing more noises, Flug frantically turns the camera in different directions, trying to find the source, and finds Demencia wearing a witch hat and playing with sticks.

Flug asks Demencia if she is the witch, and Demencia states that she isn't and the real witch is "over there", pointing. Flug turns the camera to the direction that Demencia was pointing in, and comes face-to-face with the witch, who is immediately smitten for him. Flug screams, drops the camera and runs deep into the forest while the witch gleefully pursues him. Black Hat laughs at his expense.




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