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Dr Flug , "Bigger, Badder"

Doctor Flugslys[5], full name Kenning Flugslys[6] and often known simply as Dr. Flug, is the central villain of the whole entire Cartoon Network multiverse, serving as the unseen overarching of Codename: Kids Next Door and The Amazing World of Gumball, the deuteragonist of the webisodes and the main protagonist of the 2017 Cartoon Network animated TV series Villainous.

He creates all the gadgets and machines that Black Hat attempts to sell.


Dr. Flug is easily manipulated by Black Hat. He appears to be a cowardly young man, but isn't truly a wimp.[7] He is very intelligent and inventive. He has a liking to 5.0.5., and considers himself the bear's father, as evidenced by 5.0.5's multiple illustrations in which Dr. Flug is referred to as "Dad." By contrast, he has a disliking towards Demencia, though, they're friends.


Flug's villainy on display

Like the others, Dr. Flug appears to have some truly villainous tendencies. He seems to have no problem with torturing or threatening others, as shown in the Orientation Videos for Villains series. Dr. Flug also appears to have somewhat of an ego when it comes to his intellect, and refers to himself as a genius.

He is extremely fastidious and a bit of a micromanager. He has to make lists of everything lest he go crazy,[8] and he handles much of the Organizations' operations and all of its finances.[9] His stress catches up to him, however; everyone at the cardiologist knows him due to his frequent visits.[10]

He fervently wants to stick to his plans even when they don't work out, but can adapt if necessary. This was a key plot point in the pilot episode "The Dreadful Dawn". Even though he likes to be in control, he does employ other scientists to help him with projects. He selects these scientists personally from the Mad Science Expo, where he heads a booth representing Black Hat Organization.[11] He is a strict boss, mostly because Black Hat would not tolerate incompetence or insubordination from either Flug or his employees.[12]

Despite the constant chaos, Dr. Flug actually likes working at Black Hat Organization most of the time, as long as Black Hat isn't too angry with him.[13]


Flug is somewhat a tall and quite lanky young man, with legs that are unusually long compared to his body. He wears a brown paper bag over his head, and a pair of strap-on goggles. The goggles are thick because they help correct his terrible eyesight.[14] He has a standard white lab coat and yellow gloves. He wears a royal blue shirt bearing a clip-art style drawing of a plane crash, light blue jeans, and red chucks.



5.0.5 is the only experiment who has ever shown affection for Dr. Flug.[15] All of his other creations are burdensome and do little to thank Dr. Flug for creating them. 5.0.5 has an immense appreciation for Flug and sees him as his father. Despite his initial fury upon 5.0.5.'s status as a failed experiment, Dr. Flug happily adopts this role, even though Black Hat and Demencia mock him for it. It seems that Flug lacks affection in his life, so the unconditional love of 5.0.5 is incredibly important to him. For his part, Flug tries his best to protect and encourage 5.0.5, in spite of the evil organization they are a part of.


Similar to 5.0.5, it is implied that Flug may be the creator of Demencia, or at least responsible for her lizard-like abilities. Their relationship dynamic is brother-sister-like. Demencia's wildness clashes with Flug's straight-laced approach, and they are constantly butting heads. This is especially apparent in "The Lost Cases of Beach City," in which the two bicker the entire episode about which tactic is better; despite constant warnings from Black Hat to cut it out. They have a begrudging affection for each other, even if it well-hidden.

Black Hat[]

Flug regards him with equal parts fear and complete respect. Because of this, he constantly sucks up to Black Hat and wants nothing more than his approval, something he will really never get. In The Dreadful Dawn, Black Hat finally compliments him on a job well done, only for Flug to wake up and realize it was just a dream. Despite his poor treatment, Flug has a place of high importance in Black Hat's Organization, being one of the three allowed to live in the manor with him (the others being Demencia and 5.0.5.). Flug has also been with the Organization the longest of the main cast and seems to have a level of authority in the organization because of this. However, this authority only goes so far, as Black Hat constantly reminds him how lucky he is to still be alive after all his mishaps.


Although their first meeting was strictly professional, it's shown on Penumbra's Instagram that they have grown to be friends, as proved when Penumbra attended a virtual celebration of Flug's birthday. They once ran into each other at the Mad Science Expo and took a selfie together as well.

Miss Heed[]

Flug seems to have had a good relationship with Miss Heed during their days at the Black Hat Institute. He never knew she was the one who stole part of his thesis on controlling human emotions, until he confronted her in Atreno City years later, when she used her perfume to manipulate him for her own goals. Even though he was furious with her betrayal, he bore her no ill will after breaking free, visiting Heed in her prison cell and even adressing her by her true name, Cecilia. He may have, or had, romantic feelings towards her, as implied by his reaction to the kiss they shared and the pained expression after he left her behind in prison.


According to his research log, both men met during Flug's youth, and ever since the doctor has Goldheart as his arch-enemy - with mere hostility evolving into hatred over the years. Examples of this are his incineration of a box with journals and pictures of the hero during a cleanup of Black Hat's manor and his disdain during one of Goldheart's interviews. As no real interaction between both has been shown so far, the golden hero's view of Flug is yet to be fully revealed - although he displayed mild annoyance at seeing his enemy on the news. However, Flug seems to believe his hatred is reciprocated, as in a dream Goldheart bellitled his efforts and mocked him. Flug's years of humiliation by Goldheart is a clue behind the mystery of why he wears a paper bag.


  • Craftsmanship: Dr. Flug is the creator of most, if not all, of the gadgets Black Hat attempts to sell.
    • High Intellect: This, of course, would require a high level of intellect on Dr. Flug's part, given the complexity and sheer technological innovation of some of the gadgets.
  • Piloting: Despite his name, Dr. Flug seems to be an adept pilot most of the time. He pilots a Black Hat Organization aircraft called the Hatship in "The Dreadful Dawn."[16]


  • Movement Detector: Flug used this device in one of the Villainous Comics in order to track down Demencia, whom he was hunting down to force her to take a shower.
  • Flamethrower: In "Guide for an Evil Conquest", Flug used a flamethrower to destroy his bootleg Omnitrix after it killed Vilgax.
  • Portal Gun: In "The Lost Cases of the Future", Flug aims the gun at Black Hat for insulting Aku. Later, he fires it at Demencia for bothering him, opening a time portal and sending her to a distant future. In "The Lost Cases of the Park", Flug used this gun to open portals to the Regular Show universe, in order to retrieve Malum Kranus and deliver him to a space monster.
  • Destructor X: A blender with the name "Destructor X" written in tape sticked to it. Flug used it in "The Lost Cases of Beach City" to pulverize Jasper and Peridot's gemstones.
  • P.I.N.H.A.T.A.: A Hatbot that disguises in the form of a birthday cake. In "The Lost Cases of the Tree House", Flug and 5.0.5. deliver it to Father and the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. Once 5.0.5. mistakingly gives it to Sector V of Kids Next Door, Flug activates it to fight them off.
  • Tranquilizer Dart Rifle: In the Q&A episode, Flug used this rifle to knock out Demencia, who had broken into a love song about Black Hat.
  • "El Tranquilizator": A smaller gun that fires tranquilizing darts. Flug attempted to use it on Sunblast only to hit Demencia instead. He uses this weapon several times across the season.
  • Disintegrating gun: Flug attempted to use this weapon against Black Hot, with no success, as the blast bounced off his chest and hit the gun instead.
  • Jetpack: When Miss Heed insulted 5.0.5., Flug used a jetpack containing wings and heavy gauntlets to fight her bodyguards. The gauntlets fire laser beams and enhance his physical strenght, being able to hold off an attack from Demencia and hit her back with enough force that made her cry in disbelief.

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  • Flugslys translates to "plane crash" in Icelandic.[17] "Flug" also translates to "flight" in German.
    • This ties into Dr. Flug's t-shirt design and the airplane stuck in Black Hat's manor.
    • Flug states he arrived at Black Hat Org by plane, likely the same one that crashed in the manor.[18]
    • "The Dreadful Dawn" reveals that Flug lives in the crashed plane alongside 5.0.5.
    • "The Lost Cases of Elmore" reveals Flug collects real-life planes by shrinking them down and storing them like snow globes. He doesn’t let the people out of the planes though.
  • It has been confirmed that Dr. Flug is of Icelandic descent.[19] His first name, Kenning, is an Icelandic word that translates to "theory" in English.
    • He usually goes by Dr. Flug because most people he meets pronounce "Flugslys" wrong.[20]
    • Calling him Ken upsets him, because he can't help but think of the Barbie doll. Demencia, of course, loves calling him Ken.[21]
  • Flug's birthday is on August 23rd.[22]
    • Flug's zodiac sign is Virgo.
    • August 23rd is National Ride the Wind Day, which celebrates innovative aviation. August 23rd, 1977 marked the first stable flight of a human-powered aircraft.[23]
    • Black Hat forbids the crew from celebrating Flug's birthday, and Flug is too busy regardless.
      • However, at midnight 5.0.5 greets Flug with a baked cake and gifts. Demencia sometimes joins in, although she pelts Flug with paper planes and hugs him way too tightly.
  • He has both a driver's license and a pilot's license, though they have been revoked for... legal reasons.[24]
  • Flug likes puns.[25]
  • His favorite color is yellow.[26]
  • He loves pancakes.[27]
    • Flug also enjoys pasta, waffles, salad and lemon pie.[28]
    • He has an irrational fear of sandwiches. This is due to an embarrassing incident in the past that will be revealed later in the series.[29]
  • Doctors' handwriting is notoriously sloppy. Stephan does Flug's handwriting as it's the worst of all the crew members.[30]
  • Voice actor José Macías's sense of humor helped Flug's character become much funnier.[31]
  • A villain who wears a mask as a form of punishment and/or mark of evil is an archetype seen in villains like Bane and Darth Vader. Alan Ituriel always intended Flug to be a parody of this archetype, and realized a paper bag mask was ideal since it was perfectly ridiculous.[32]
    • Flug is forced to wear his bag. Sometimes he appreciates the anonymity, but most of the time he resents having to wear it.[33]
    • No one else in Black Hat Organization know what Flug's face looks like except Black Hat himself.
    • Flug prefers to shower with his bag on.[34] He will take it off occasionally to wash his hair, as long as no one is looking.
    • Alan has drawn his real face and will reveal it later in the series.
    • When asked if he'll reveal Flug's real face soon, Alan explained "No, because I don't think you're ready"
  • Dr. Flug graduated with a degree in Mad Science from the Devil's University of Crime, a rough translation of "Universidad del Diablo," or, "University of the Devil." He also has various degrees in Quantum Physics and Aeronautics.
    • It is unknown whether or not this degree is a doctorate, master, or bachelor. As such, it is debated whether or not his title as a Doctor is official, though he has bragged about having "more doctorates than acne on your ugly face."
    • While he is a mechanical engineer, he never actually got a degree in that field.[35]
  • Dr. Flug learned advanced Mandarin in kindergarten[36] and also speaks French.[37]
  • He played the flute in elementary school.[38] Despite this, Flug does not personally like music. This is because he has yet to hear music that makes him feel.[39]
    • Demencia plays her guitar at excruciating volumes for this reason.[40]
    • However, Demencia also feels it is her duty to discover a type of music Flug would like.[41]
    • Flug does try to sing 5.0.5 to sleep, but his idea of a lullaby is singing about sedative chemicals like Chloroform.[42]
  • Flug home schools 5.0.5.[43]
  • On June 28, 2019, AI Animation Studios' Alan revealed that Flug as a child used to play video games, though no longer has the time to do so as an adult.
  • Flug doesn't have any known allergies. [44]
  • When he has a rare moment to himself, Dr. Flug likes to build model airplanes and read books. He also loves to read to 5.0.5.[45]
  • Dr. Flug uses a cryobed to rest, freezing himself until the morning. When he tries to sleep normally, he has tormented dreams of both his past and present.[46]
  • Dr. Flug dislikes wearing clothes that show his skin "because he's a nerd" (Alan). However, he would wear shorts if he had to.[47]
  • He is somewhat socially awkward:
    • He gets nervous around new people but can warm up to those who are careful in their introductions, even accepting hugs.[48]
    • Flirting is not his forte. He makes a lot of plane comparisons.[49]
    • Flug cannot dance, and only did so at school dances because his mother forced him to.[50]
  • It's possible Flug has a deceased or unrequited love interest. In the October 4th 2019 Live Stream, after Miguel recited Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," a fan asked who Flug's "Lenore" was. This question could not be answered directly by either Alan or Miguel.[51]
  • He bears a loose resemblance to Bucky McBadbat, a character from the animated television series The Fairly OddParents.
  • In "The Lost Cases of Elmore" episode it is shown that he personally knew Gumball Watterson's mother, Nicole Watterson. They seem to have had a bad relationship.
    • It is revealed that he invented the remote Rob used in The Disaster and The Rerun and the guy who sold Rob the remote stole it from him.
  • Flug has a brother, however, it has not been specified whether he is his older brother or his younger brother.
    • In The Dreadful Dawn, a picture frame in Flug's room shows him with his family, including his brother. However, Flug tore the top of the picture off, removing all of their faces.
    • It is theorized that his brother is a hero, more specifically Goldheart, but Alan has not confirmed or denied this.
  • Dr Flug committed 82,602 crimes, including falsification and identity theft, and plane stealing.
    • In one of the Villainous Comics, Flug traveled to Gotham City to steal kryptonite for Black Hat, impersonating the Scarecrow in an attempt to fool Batman.



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