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"Ice Cream of Fear"[3] is the second episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the second episode overall.

It follows a brief interaction between Black Hat and 5.0.5.


Black Hat is walking around his manor when he finds 5.0.5., who is enjoying an ice cream until it falls to the floor. Seeing him saddened, Black Hat summons the ice cream back into 5.0.5.'s hand, who tries to lick it, only to find that Black Hat turned it into a screaming demon. Black Hat laughs and takes back the ice cream, and screams at it demonically to scare it.



  • This episode marks both the first absence of Dr. Flug and the first absence of Demencia in an episode.

Cultural references

  • The ice cream screams at 5.0.5. in a way similar to a scene from the movie Alien 3.
  • The metamorphosis that Black Hat's mouth undergoes after grabbing the ice cream, with both its overall look and second set of jaws, is a nod to the Predator and the Alien, two fictional extraterrestrial species.



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