Illuminarrow is a villain that has an Eye of Providence motif. She was created by Ami Guillén and Aleck Parker as a joke.

According to Ami Guillén on Twitter, Ami did not accept Illuminarrow as her daughter and abandoned her, hence her evilness.[1]


Illuminarrow has three eyes, all with magenta pupils. Below her forehead, around the two eyes, is a black and magenta mask. She has a long nose, and two triangular pointed teeth protruding from the upper jaw out from her mouth. Her hoodie is the same magenta color as her eyes and mask, with brown shoulder pads and black cuffs. She has bandages wrapped around her waist, left arm, and hands. She carries a quiver. Illuminarrow also has ginger hair, with a yellow Eye of Providence acting as a hair tie. The same symbol is attached to her hoodie.

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  • Illuminarrow's name is a portmanteau of the words "Illuminati" and "arrow".