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"The Lost Cases of Townsville"[1] is the fourth episode of the Orientation Videos for Villains miniseries of Villainous, and the fifteenth episode overall.

It follows Black Hat and Dr. Flug reviewing Mojo Jojo, the main antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls.



  • Most of footages and images are taken from the original 1998 series, except for a picture of Princess Morbucks, which uses graphics from the 2016 reboot series.
  • When Black Hat sees bios of the Powerpuff Girls, pictures of they are actually imposters from the episode "Powerpuff Bluff".
  • Black Hat miscalls the three girls as "las Chicas Coquetas" ("the Natty Girls"), analogously to Lex Luthor, who makes the same mistake in a Tooncast promo featuring the Powerpuff Girls saving Wonder Woman and Aquaman from him and the Legion of Doom.
  • This is the first episode of the miniseries in which Demencia actually appears.
  • When Dr. Flug recalls an unpleasant experience he had with Demencia, she resembles a Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • The Spanish YouTube upload of the episode originally misspelled Cartoon Network as "Cartoon Netowrk".[3]



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